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Outdoor Cooking Accessories

Your new BBQ or pizza oven is only part of the story. Once you have mastered the basics of your new grill or oven, there are a number of accessories that will allow you to expand your abilities and try new things.

Mastered the art of wood fired pizza in your Ooni? Why not try wood fired steaks or lamb chops using the Ooni Grizzler Pan?

Have you perfected grilling on your Weber BBQ? Add a rotisserie to your gas or charcoal grill and create amazing rotisserie chicken for Sunday lunch with your family.

The possibilities are truly endless - you just need the right tools to make it happen. As always, our trained staff have experience using our range of accessories so if you need some advice on how to use them, or simply need some inspiration on what to try next - call in store and we will be happy to help

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