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Sharing Steak on the Kamado Joe Soapstone

The Kamado Joe Soapstone is great for getting a sear on your steaks and other meat so in this cook we are making a beautiful sharing Ribeye steak with some Garlic & Parmesan potatoes.

We used the reverse sear method for this cook which involves cooking the steak at a low temperature until it reaches a few degrees below your desired temperature then you sear it on the soapstone to get an amazing crust.

This cook is also a great example of how you can prepare a full meal on the BBQ but making use of different temperature zones and different surfaces. 

We have linked all the accessories used for this cook below. We also used some ingredients from our new food areas which we are working to add to all our centres.


Large Bone-in Ribeye Steak

Angus & Oink Montreal Steak Seasoning

Bulb of Garlic

1kg New Potatoes

50g Unsalted Butter

2 Sprigs Rosemary

Approx. 25g Grate Parmesan Cheese

125g Asparagus Tips

200g Tenderstem Broccoli

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper, to season



Light your BBQ and set it up for indirect cooking. In the Kamado Joe Classic, this meant the coals are banked to the right hand side of the grill and we add a heat deflector on the left hand side. Our cooking grates are on the highest level and we can add our soapstone to the side with the coals to pre-heat while we smoke our steak.

For this first part of the cook, we want to keep the temperature nice and low so aim to settle the temperature around 120-140c.

Remove your steak from the fridge approximately 20 minutes before your cook to allow it to come up to room temperature. Drizzle the steak with some olive oil. We used the delicious Belazu Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our new food areas and then we seasoned it with Angus & Oink Montreal Steak Seasoning although you can choose any rub you like.

Before you add the steak to the grill, put a chunk of smoking wood into the hot coals to give your steak a nice smokey flavour. Place the steak on the indirect side of the BBQ and allow it to cook until it reaches an internal temperature of 55-60c. Remove the steak from the BBQ and place it on a tray to rest.

While the steak is cooking, you can roast a bulb of garlic that we will use later to make the potatoes. Cut the head off the garlic bulb, drizzle it with olive oil and then season it with salt & pepper. Wrap the garlic bulb in tinfoil and set it onto the BBQ beside your steak to roast. This can be removed from the BBQ at the same time as the steak. Squeeze the roasted garlic out into a small bowl and set it to the side for use later.

When the steak has been removed, open up the vents of your BBQ and bring the temperature up to 200-220c. This will get the soapstone nice and hot, ready to sear the steak.

While the BBQ temp is coming up, parboil your potatoes until they are fork tender. Add an oven safe tray or skillet to the indirect side of your BBQ to pre-heat. Add the butter, rosemary springs and about half of your roast garlic. Add in your potatoes and toss them in the hot butter. 

While your potatoes are starting to crisp up, place your rested steak onto the hot soapstone and lightly press it down so it makes a nice contact with the surface. Sear the steak for 3-4 minutes on each side until it builds up a nice golden crust then remove it from the soapstone and rest it until your potatoes finish off. 

While your steak is cooking, parboil your asparagus and tenderstem broccoli in some boiling water then drain it. As soon as your steak comes off the grill, place your greens on the soapstone to char along with a drizzle of olive oil and some salt.

2-3 minutes before your potatoes are ready to come off, grate over some parmesan cheese and allow it to melt into the potatoes in the pan.

When your potatoes have a nice crisp skin and your greens have some colour, it's time to serve. Carve the steak off the bone and cut it into slices about the thickness of your finger. Using this reverse sear method should ensure your steak is evenly pink all the way though. For different levels of doneness, here are the internal temperatures you want to hit for your steak.

Rare - 52c | Medium - 60C | Well Done - 72c