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Rubs & Sauces

Rubs and sauces are essential to a delicious meal on the grill! At Creative Gardens we stock a fantastic range of Angus & Oink BBQ Rubs and Sauces that will take your barbecue cooking to new levels.

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Rubs & Sauces for the barbecue

Become a true grillmaster and add some spice to your grill skills, at Creative Gardens we love the rubs and sauces of Angus & Oink! Always the perfect flavor to add to your meat and veggie dishes. Find the flavor of your choice in our wide selection online or in our shop.

What is a barbecue rub?

The newest trend in terms of barbecuing are the BBQ rubs! A barbecue rub is a mixture of dried herbs and spices, pulverized down to a coarse powder-like substance. As the name suggests, they’re meant to be applied and rubbed onto the meat you’re about to grill. The flavor of the spices in the rub will mix with the meat juices, significantly adding to the taste.
Angus & Oink have a tasty selection of their best BBQ rubs for you to try. Whether you’re looking for Texas Steak, Char Siu or Sriracha, the possibilities are endless, and you get to broaden your horizons on barbecuing.

A wide variety of sauces

Besides dry rubs, Angus & Oink also sells numerous sauces to add to your meat, before or after cooking. Besides the well-known classic sauces like Buffalo and Texas BBQ, you can also find tasty alternatives like Red House or Glazed & Confused in our Creative Gardens selection.

Rubs & Sauces at Creative Gardens

Creative Gardens offers customers everything they need to explore the wonderful world of barbecuing. Angus & Oink’s wide range of sauces & rubs available in our assortment helps you elaborate your cooking skills. Do you have any questions or concerns? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you out!