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Creative Gardens: 4 Garden Centres & cafes around Northern Ireland

Plant your Spring Flowering Bulbs now

Planting spring flowering bulbs in the Autumn is essential to ensure a vibrant and colourful garden come springtime. By planting bulbs like Tulips, Daffodils, and Crocuses now, you provide them with ample time to establish strong root systems before the winter frost sets in. This root development is crucial for their ability to absorb nutrients and water, resulting in healthier and more robust blooms. Moreover, the colder temperatures of fall help initiate a period of dormancy that many of these bulbs require in order to bloom properly.

We have our full collection of Spring Bulbs available to order online or in-store. Shop our full collection here.

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We love nothing more than creating beautiful displays in our garden centres to inspire our customers and create an enjoyable shopping experience. If you haven't had the chance to call into one of our centre yet, here's what you are missing out on


Kiln Dried Firewood

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Our Kiln Dried Firewood is back in stock and available to order online for home delivery or call instore and pickup your own. We also have natural wood wool fire lighters and kiln dried kindling available so you can get everything you need to keep the fire burning this Autumn and Winter

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Shop our Plants

We are working hard to make more of our beautiful range of plants available to order online. You can browse our current range by choosing one of the categories below. Our plants are available for delivery within the locality of each of our centres.


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Four Great Locations across Northern Ireland

Our garden centres are located in Donaghadee, Bushmills, Galgorm and you can find the newest addition to our family in Ballyclare. Over the years, we have gained a reputation for quality, experience and style with our inspirational plant, gift and outdoor living displays. 

Our cafes serve a range of snacks, lunches and sweet treats, all made fresh by our own chefs and bakers. Relax in one of our outdoor seating areas with a freshly baked scone and a coffee or catch up with friends over lunch

Whilst we stock a fantastic range of Homeware and Outdoor Living products - Plants are where it all started for us and it remains our passion all these years later. We have a great range of bedding plants, perennials, trees and shrubs that are delivered to our centres each week so there is always something new to find


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