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Jobs to do in your garden this June

Summer is finally here and while you can, for the most part, sit back and enjoy your fabulous garden, you still need to continue with a few little jobs to ensure it stays that way.

Dead Heading

Removing the flowers that are either past their best or dead will not only instantly make the plant look better but it will also encourage new blooms to emerge. Give your plants a new lease of life, check at least once a week or any time you happen to be walking past, it really is quite satisfying. ????

Add Slow-Release Fertiliser

Remember last month we suggested feeding your established plants to give them a helping hand? Well, you can do the same when you are planting up fresh containers of bedding. Slow-release fertiliser can be mixed in with the compost meaning all you have to do is remember to water and you will be rewarded with masses of healthy blooms and fresh green foliage all summer and well in Autumn.

Watering and taking care of your lawn

It is vitally important especially if it is dry and hot to keep on top of watering your garden. Plants that have been put in a month or two ago will not have had time to spread their roots sufficiently to search out moisture, so they are relying on you. If you are wondering how often to water your hanging baskets the RHS recommends 1 mugful every day, this ensures they get enough without any being wasted. Invest in a water butt if you can, these take up a tiny bit of space yet hold a vast amount of water that would otherwise be wasted.

Your grass will be growing more rapidly now that the temperature has risen, and you may be mowing every week. If possible, try and let your grass grow a little longer than usual by raising the level of your blades or leave it longer between cuts, as this too will reduce the amount of water you will use.  If you can, remember how important it is to leave an area uncut to allow the grasses and wildflowers to grow for our pollinating insects. Just a small patch is sufficient. 


Those tiny weeds are starting to emerge with gusto, so get them before they get too large and really become a problem. Investing in a good tool like a long-handled hoe or even a smaller hand tool will make the job easier and quicker. Getting them at this early stage will mean you may not need to resort to chemical sprays but even if you do, choose the ones that are kinder to the environment such as our ‘Growing Success Naturally’ products.

So if you have not already done so, invest in a nice piece of garden furniture, sit down, relax and enjoy all the effort you have put in over the past few months.

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