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Top 5 Christmas Plants to give to the Garden Enthusiast

As the holiday season approaches, garden enthusiasts find joy in transforming their outdoor spaces into festive wonderlands. Beyond the twinkling lights and glittering ornaments, the inclusion of Christmas plants adds a touch of natural elegance to the seasonal decor. These plants not only bring beauty to the garden but also can attract and support local wildlife, fostering a harmonious relationship between your garden and the environment. Below are the top 5 plants we think will appeal to the garden enthusiast for this festive period.


Skimmia Temptation



This Skimmia just screams Christmas with its masses of bright red coloured berries throughout the dull Winter months.

Another added bonus is that Skimmia Temptation is self-fertile which means it will produce these luscious berries every year without fail with no the need for a partner.


Completely evergreen with dark glossy leaves( aromatic when crushed)

In Spring the tiny deep red buds open to reveal masses of creamy white scented blooms.

This is a medium sized shrub growing approx. 1m x 1m and is ideally suited to a shady or semi shaded position and loves an acidic soil.


Skimmia Rubella



Another variety of Skimmia, this time Rubella, does not produce berries but rather masses of tightly packed deep pink buds.

 Along with its glossy evergreen foliage this shrub adds both colour ,texture and form to any Winter garden and that’s even  before the perfumed white blooms appear in Spring!


Camellia Beauty Blush



A newly introduced Camellia whose evergreen glossy leaves as well as flowers are much smaller than the more common variety.

Tiny pink buds open to masses of delicate white blooms holding a pinkish flush to the edges.

Its new shoots are wine red when they emerge adding an extra layer of colour to the overall appearance.

Camellia Beauty Blush has an upright pyramidal habit making it a perfect specimen plant, blooming in early Spring and loves a semi shaded spot.

We also have lots of other Camellias in stock in reds pinks and white.





The nodding flowers of these little beauties will bring a smile to your face even on a cold Winters morning, flowering from mid-Winter until Spring .

Ranging in colour from greens and whites to pinks and purples they grow in clumps making them ideal for filling out your borders.

 Their pollen rich flowers don’t only look attractive but they also are a magnet for bees.

Preferring semi shaded conditions, Hellebores are our favourite plant for growing under trees where often it is difficult to get things to grow.





( Christmas/Sweet Box)

Sweetly scented tiny blooms emerge amongst the dark green glossy evergreen foliage.

It’s hard to believe these small flowers create such an aroma.

Ideal for planting in pots either side of your front door to welcome all your festive visitors.

Another plant that is useful too, for underplanting trees, as its tolerant of dry shade.