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Garden Decor

We understand that there is more to your garden than beautiful plants, flowers and shrubs. It's the little finishing touches that turn a garden into your little patch of paradise. Friends and family gathered around the flickering flames of a fire pit, A Pergola used to create a focal point in your garden or the simple addition of some lighting to set the mood.

As our time spent outdoors increases, so does our range of garden decorations which can be used to add that final sparkle to your outdoor space.


Glowbus Dewdrop


The Glowbus Dewdrop is the perfect example of when art meets function. It's timeless design creates an eye-catching centre piece in your garden and as the sun sets and the air starts to cool - your work of art becomes a 360º firepit to help keep up to 12 friends and family cosy. 


The Dewdrop is special due to it's construction. It is made from durable CorTen steel which is protected by the rust layer which forms on the outside and keeps the elements from attacking the structural part of the steel.


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New range from Hofats now available


We have just taken delivery of a brand new range of Fire Baskets, Lanterns and Accessories from the wonderful Hofats. This company share our love for the outdoors and they know a thing or two about fire! Picture a warm sunny day and your garden is a buzz with friends & family (and their kids) all running around and enjoying their day. You've eaten some great food and played some fun, yet highly competitive, family games and now everything starts to slow down as the sun settles.

So you light a lantern or two, spark up a fire in your firepit and everyone pulls their chair closer. Parents with a well deserved drink in hand, and the kids trying their best to get that marshmallow nicely toasted all over. What could have ended as a great day has now become a perfect night enjoyed around the flickering flames of a fire.

Sounds perfect right? Hofats have what it takes to make it happen


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RB73 Outdoor Stoves


With more and more of our lives being spent outside - it makes sense that we begin to enjoy some of the comforts we have indoors in our outdoor spaces too. Now, the phrase "curling up on the sofa in front of the fire" is no longer exclusive to your living room. RB73 have create their outdoor stoves to the incredible standard - using high grade CorTen Steel in their construction to make them stand the test of time.


They understand that no two people have the same needs so they have built their stoves in a range of different sizes and configurations - from the Piquia for smaller, more intimate spaces right through to the Bijuga for larger gatherings.


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