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Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

Order one of our high quality trees from the comfort of your own home and we will deliver it straight to your door. We sell only the finest trees to ensure they look as fresh on Christmas day as the did when they were cut. Choose from Noble Fir, Nordman Fir and Fraser Fir in a range of sizes between 5ft and 10ft. All our trees are pre-drilled on site to ensure they sit perfectly straight on our easy fix stands

The advantages of real Christmas trees

Should you purchase a real tree or an artificial one? For some people, the decision is simple, but for others, it may be difficult. The answer to whether you should purchase a fresh Christmas tree is also clear. Your holiday decorations will be centered around a Christmas tree, so you want one that is certain. We encourage you to consider our fresh-cut Christmas trees. Here are some of their benefits.

Fresh trees are good for the environment

Fresh Christmas trees, like all trees, contribute to our environment by providing many advantages. They help clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing fresh, clean oxygen. Your home will be filled with a fresh, woody pine scent that enhances the holiday mood as a result of this process.

Fresh Christmas trees are recyclable and renewable

After Christmas, what can you do with a freshly cut tree? A popular method of recycling is mulching, but there are lots of other ways to recycle real trees. Fish and bird feeders, hiking trail paths, and soil erosion barriers, among others, can all be constructed using real trees. After about six to nine years, an artificial tree will usually be discarded in a landfill, as it cannot provide any continuous beneficial functions after Christmas.

Fresh cut Christmas trees at Creative Gardens

If you are interested in buying a fresh-cut tree, stop by one of our four garden centers in Northern Ireland. Beginning of November, we will offer fresh Christmas trees and wreaths. This year you can choose from a variety of Nordmann and other firs. Contact us for more information.