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Top Herbs to Grow in the Kitchen

Top Herbs to Grow in the Kitchen

These top herbs to grow in the kitchen will provide you with plenty of flavour and nutrition when you cook your favourite meals. It’s easy to grow herbs in the kitchen and not only do they look great but also makes it really easy to simply reach for some herbs, snip them off and add to your food. Some will also have a wonderful fragrance to the room as well. Grow from seed or purchase from us as healthy plants ready for their new home. These are out top picks for you to grow. 

  • Coriander
  • Parsley
  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Oregano 

Coriander is one of our top herbs to grow in the kitchen 

Also labelled as Cilantro this is a love it or hate it herb! We love it, especially when added to a Mexican dish or on a delicious curry dish. It has a strong flavour so you don’t need to use much at any one time and can just be snipped off as needed and can be harvested weekly. Keep the plant in a sunny place and the compost moist but not overwatered. 

Top herbs to grow in the kitchen includes Parsley 

Flat leaf or curly parsley is an easy herb to grow. Flat leaf is often used in salads and soups and adds flavour to your cooking. Harvest from the edges of the plants so the inner stems and leaves continue to grow. Curly parsley is crisper and often used with vegetables and to make a herby butter. More often used as a garnish than flat leaf parsley but it still adds a lovely flavour and plenty of nutrition. A sunny, south facing window is ideal. 

Basil is perfect as a top herb to grow in the kitchen

Basil can sometimes be tricky to grow outside depending on the weather, so growing it on a sunny windowsill is ideal. Used for pizza and pasta recipes, basil needs to be kept moist and it will soon tell you if it needs watering as it droops really quickly. Remove flower spikes and it will grow and grow. 

Top herbs to grow in the kitchen must include Mint 

Mint is perhaps on of the most well known herbs and easiest of them all to grow. Peppermint, spearmint, strawberry mint and even chocolate mint can all be grown in the kitchen. Snip away and add to salads, desserts and refreshing drinks. Water as and when needed. 

Oregano is last but not least in the top herbs to grow in the kitchen 

Used a lot on Italian and some Greek recipes, it’s packed full of vitamins and minerals. Some say it may even help with longevity! Use the leaves in cooking or a stem but make sure you have plenty of it before harvesting. It thrives in pots and great for a sunny windowsill. 

Choose from our range of herbs in store and get your kitchen herbs growing soon.