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Jobs to do in the garden this September

As the summer season comes to an end and Autumn is setting in, we can think about the little jobs that will help lay the foundation for a great year ahead.

Keep Deadheading

Don’t completely give up on your summer flowering plants, if you continue to dead head and feed these will continue to flourish until the first frosts

Dividing Perennial plants

If your clumps of perennial plants are getting too big or are overcrowding the space they are in, it’s very easy to divide. This not only ensures a healthy vigorous plant as they will have more space for the roots to grow and absorb nutrients and water but also multiplies them meaning you have more for other areas of the garden. Some do prefer this method to be carried out in Spring so check beforehand. Simply dig the plant out of the ground, split it down the middle and replant.

Harvest Crops and replenish soil

If you are harvesting your crops, you will inevitably be left with gaps in the soil, now is a good time to apply a mulch of garden manure or compost, not only does this make it look better but it replenishes the goodness that has been taken away. Remember if you are digging up your main crop potatoes store them in a cool dry place. 

Lawn Care

It will make a huge difference to the performance of your lawn in Spring if you act now, after a period of hot dry weather. September is a great month for applying Autumn lawn feed to help its recovery. Before applying this remember to rake away any dead or weak grass. This is also the perfect time to re-seed any bare areas.

Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs

Our Spring flowering bulbs are now in stock so pop in and have a browse at our selection, from daffodils and Tulips to crocus and Alliums with of course a few surprises in between. Planting bulbs gives you an opportunity to select a wider range of flowers in a more cost-effective way. These can be planted directly into your borders or even planted into pots so you can position them later when they emerge.

Think of Garden lighting

As the evenings get darker soon you will be looking out of your kitchen window to blackness in the early evening. Why not light up the beautiful shapes in your garden, imagine how magnificent a tree could look with light shining among its branches. We must have the biggest range of solar lighting ever, so having mains electric is no longer a necessity.


So even if you are spending a little less time in the garden this Autumn ,it can still look impressive!