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Compost & Bark

We stock a wide range of Westland compost, bark and soil - each designed to help your garden flourish. Specialist range of compost tailored to help grow healthy plants. Topsoil to help revive tired flower and vegetable beds Organic Peat Free All purpose and Vegetable composts available

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Compost & Bark for your backyard

Compost and bark do wonder for the soil in your garden. These products fertilize your plants, but they also help the soil retain moisture and repress disease and pests. Creative Gardens believes every single gardener should have access to organic products holding such benefits, and that’s why we stock an extensive range of all kinds of composts, barks and other incredibly beneficial products. Visit our website or garden shop and enjoy our fantastic product range.

Why compost is the right choice

Compost from Creative Gardens is a 100% organic product. It offers stability, hygiene and lots of humus. On top of that, compost helps the soil retain moisture. This comes in handy in drier periods of the year and in times of constant heavy rainfall. Compost is a fantastic way to help reduce drought and flooding simultaneously. However, this is not all; composting your garden comes with even more advantages than you might think! Using your compost in the right way will reduce weed growth and help preserve local aquatic life, since you won’t need to use any polluting artificial fertilizers anymore. Finally, compost encourages the production of bacteria and fungi that help break down organic matter and turn it into humus.

The benefits of bark

Besides compost, tree bark is another widely used product in gardens, again for the many advantages. Creative Gardens stocks a wide range of tree bark for you to choose from. If you’re not familiar with the many uses of bark, here are some of the most popular ways in which gardeners use bark in their backyards:
  • During winter, bark acts as a cover for your plant’s roots. This means your greenery is more resistant to freezing temperatures.
  • Covering the soil around your plants with a layer of bark gives weeds and other unwanted organisms fewer possibilities of breaking through.
  • If you have kids that like to play in your garden, you might’ve already considered adding in a few pieces of playground equipment, like a climbing frame or maybe some swings. Cover the surrounding ground with a layer of bark to soften falls, should they ever happen.
  • Finally, bark blends well with your garden and plants, giving off a calm and natural look. If you have any other questions about garden bark or compost, please ask our friendly staff for help.