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Wild Birdcare

Take care of the birds in your garden this fall and winter with the wild bird care supplies at Creative Gardens and watch your local wildlife from the comfort of your own home!

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Wild bird care in your garden

There’s nothing more fun than observing the many birds that pass through your garden. Whether you’re watching a beautiful Jay visit your bird feeding station or a Blackbird’s eggs hatch in your nesting box, wild birds are a magical phenomenon in their own right. That’s why many gardeners look for ways to make their gardens more appealing to wild birds in various ways. Are you looking for the right supplies for your garden? Then visit Creative Gardens to enjoy the wide range of wild bird care products we stock.

Bird food and snacks

During winter, wild birds do not only have to deal with the decreasing temperatures, but with decreasing food supplies as well. Needless to say, a little help goes a long way and providing your feathered friends with some extra snacks during winter is something they’ll be very grateful for. At Creative Gardens, you’ll find an array of bird feeds, perfectly suitable for all common garden birds. Whether you’re looking for peanuts, sunflower hearts or fat balls, providing your local wild birds with a feast will certainly not be a problem.

Bird feeders and drinkers

The best way to feed your local wild birds in your garden is by using a bird feeder. These will usually be hung up or stand on a tall stand, making your feeder well visible to any bird passing through. On top of that, predatory animals preying on birds inattentively enjoying a hearty meal have little chance of disrupting the peace.
Even though we love to feed wild birds,it’s easy to forget they need water as well. A bird drinker is a must-have for any garden, especially during harsh frost, when many water bodies freeze shut.

Nesting boxes

Adding a nesting box to your garden and watching it used by a couple of wild birds throughout spring is a truly fantastic experience. Pick a nesting box from the Creative Gardens assortment that fits your liking and hang it up against a wall, tree or high fence. Make sure to put it high enough, so it’s out of reach for any predators.

Wild bird care supplies at Creative Gardens

Creative Gardens offers customers an appealing assortment of wild bird care supplies, like Henry Bell bird feeders and bird feeding stations. Visit our website or our store to enjoy the full range. If you have any questions regarding our products or services, feel free to ask our staff. See you soon at Creative Gardens!