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Garden tools

Upgrade your gardening tools collection with Wolf Garten! This renowned brand is known for outstanding quality, that’s why you’ll find a wide selection at Creative gardens.

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Wolf Garten tools at Creative Gardens

If you’re looking for the perfect tools to take care of your garden, look no further! Wolf Garten is a renowned garden tool brand and is here to save the day. Pick from a wide range of garden tools, from tree shears to weeding brushes and from hand trowels to different kinds of secateurs.
Wolf Garten is a German brand with a single goal: making garden work easier for everyone through innovation and the opening of new markets, while also making it more fun! Throughout this process, customer service is their number one priority. This has made Wolf Garten one of the best gardening tool brands in the world.

Garden weeding tools

If you have a garden, weeding is without a doubt part of the job! After all, weeds grow fast and never fail to overthrow all of your hard work. That’s why owning the right tools to remove weeds is essential to keep your garden lush and healthy. Are you interested in the possibilities Wolf Garten tools have to offer? These are some of their most popular weeding garden tools:
Weeding knives are used to swiftly “cut” unwanted plants out of the ground. The long, slim blade allows you to dig out a weed in a simple motion, roots included. Besides removing weeds, weeding knives can also be used to dig holes for new plants.
The small draw weeding hoe is perfect for close-up weeding jobs. Thanks to its size, it allows you to get into smaller crevices and perform more detailed tasks as well.
If you have a garden with slabs, tiles or block paving, the Wolf Garten weeding brush is an essential weeding tool. They’re ideal for removing tough weeds and moss and can be used with an adjustable handle, taking the strain off your back.

How to clean garden tools: 6 easy steps

Cleaning your Wolf Garten tools will keep them in pristine condition for longer, allowing you to enjoy them as long as possible. Besides, making sure your tools are clean before use lowers the risk of cross-contamination with fungi, parasites and other threats to your plants’ health. Do you want to know about the best ways to clean your garden tools? Here is an easy method that will leave your gardening tools looking as good as new!

1. Wash away the soil left on your tools with a garden hose. Any leftovers can be taken off by using a sturdy brush.

2. Soak your tools in a bucket of warm soapy water for about 20 minutes, then rinse and dry them off.

3. Check your garden tools for rust. If there’s rust present, use a wire brush or steel wool to scrub it off. A thin coat of vegetable oil can help loosen the rust.

4. Wipe your tools down with turpentine to get every last bit of dirt off.

5. Finally, disinfect your gardening tools. This way, you’re sure to kill off all leftover bacteria and fungi.

Where to buy wolf Garten products

Wolf Garten is precisely what you need if you’re looking for new gardening tools. Visit Creative Gardens online or in-store and pick your favorite products. Any questions can always be asked to our friendly and helpful staff. See you soon at Creative Gardens!