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Garden Care

We have a selection of garden care products available to order online. If you would like to shop our full range then please visit us in store.

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Care for your garden with Creative Gardens

Every gardener wants the best for their backyard, so investing in the right garden care supplies is so important. Creative Gardens stocks an elaborate selection of well-suited products for keeping your garden clean and organized. Visit Creative Gardens in-store or online to enjoy all of our products.

Black spot remover

If you have stone elements in your garden, like a patio, terrace or maybe some statues, you know and dread those infamous black spots that inevitably start to show up after a few years. The black spots are caused by microscopically tiny organisms that travel through the air and settle in the small crevices in your stonework.
If you’ve struggled to get rid of these spots and marks forever, but you’ve never been able to find a good way to, there’s some good news; Patio Black Spot Remover and Patio Black Spot Preventer are here to save the day! These organic liquids kill the organisms causing these black spots and leave your stonework looking clean and neat once again. Take a look at the different variants available at Creative Gardens.

Timber herb planters

Creative Gardens’ herb planters offer a fantastic solution for gardeners with little space to work in. Herb planters are perfect for helping you use your garden in the most efficient way possible. For instance, a vertical herb planter is ideal for cultivating a small herb garden against a wall. A cold frame herb planter is perfectly suitable for a few bigger plants or a collection of gorgeous flowers.

Garden care at Creative Gardens

Whether you’re looking for a smart way to clean your patio or you’re looking for a herb planter for your collection of gorgeous bedding plants, You’re guaranteed to find everything you need for your backyard here at Creative Gardens. If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you out. See you soon at Creative Gardens!