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Sofa Sets

Our range of sofa dining sets has grown in popularity over recent years due to the addition of some key features which make them the perfect all-round set of furniture for your garden or patio. Gone are the days of having a sofa set to relax on and a dining set to eat at. Shop our sofa sets now in our online store.

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What is a sofa set?

A sofa set is a popular piece of garden furniture that consists of a few comfortable seats and a small sofa table, perfect for lounging outside during warm summer afternoons. The size and style of your sofa set are entirely up to you; here at Creative Gardens, we have a sofa set for everybody. Whether you’re looking for a smaller simple sofa set for 4 people or maybe a big luxurious one, for the whole family; the possibilities are endless! Here are some of the most popular picks of our customers:

  • Grey garden sofa sets
  • Firepit sets
  • Lounge sofa & coffee table set

All kinds of sofa sets

Sofa sets at Creative Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. For instance, many of our sets come with adjustable tables that can be lowered to coffee table height when you want to relax and enjoy a drink, but when it comes time to eat, they can be easily raised to the height of a regular dining table.

We also stock a range of sets which include firepit tables such as the Monterey Modular Firepit Set or the Ciara Firepit Set. Whilst these tables do not adjust their height, they have a built-in gas firepit system that can be lit to keep you and your guests warm during cool summer nights. As these firepits are located in the centre of the table, they still allow plenty of space to comfortably eat and still provide 360° heat no matter where you are sitting.

Sofa sets at Creative Gardens

When shopping at Creative Gardens, you’re guaranteed to receive immaculate service. For example, we only sell the best products of the highest quality. Do you have any questions or concerns? Our staff is always on call and happy to help you out.

We deliver our products to your doorstep, always done by our trained staff. This way, all of your purchases are handled with care. Our team will be able to help you pick out the furniture that suits your needs, and with our Creative Gardens promise, you will always have someone to call if anything should go wrong in the future.