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Garden Benches

We stock a range of garden benches in different styles and finishes from suppliers such as Alexander Rose and Bramblecrest. You can browse our selection of garden benches below and when you find your perfect bench, remember to pick up any treatments, covers or seat pads you need at the same time. You can find these in our Covers & Accessories section.

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Where to buy garden benches?

Adding a garden bench to your garden is a great way to liven up your backyard. However, garden benches come in different shapes and sizes, and picking the right piece of garden furniture can be pretty tricky. How do you know that a garden bench is a suitable pick for you? Here are some fantastic benefits of adding a garden bench to your outside space.

Nowadays, people tend to spend lots of their time inside, whether in an office or behind the television in the living room. Spending more time outside comes with many advantages; you get more vitamin D from the sunlight and an outdoor afternoon brings peace, creativity, and inspiration. A garden bench is a great stimulus to enjoy the outside world a bit more.

A garden bench in your backyard adds an idyllic and even romantic ambiance to your garden. Garden benches are perfect for sitting on and spending time with your family, friends, or that special person. Do you want to take your garden to the next level, but you haven’t got much space at your disposal? No problem! Garden benches are compact and can fit practically anywhere.

Different kinds of garden benches

Here at Creative Gardens, you can find garden benches in all shapes and sizes. This means you’ll indeed find the perfect garden bench for you. Pick from a wide range, consisting of all kinds of unique products. Garden benches can be made of many different materials; for instance, look at our metal benches for your garden and even our 3-seater garden benches.

Wooden garden benches are the most popular of all the different materials available. Creative Gardens has various wooden benches in the assortment, like benches made of Acacia, Mahogany or Teak. These Acacia, Mahogany and Teak benches are made to the highest standards and are designed to stand the test of time in your garden. Hardwood benches have the benefit of naturally weathering to a beautiful silver finish without affecting the natural lifespan of the bench.

Alexander Rose garden benches

Alexander Rose garden benches are quality luxury garden furniture that is built to last. Alexander Rose garden benches are manufactured from the best materials. There's a wide selection of benches to suit everyone's tastes.

Garden Benches at Creative Gardens

Creative Gardens puts lots of effort into providing every customer with the best service. For example, we only sell products of high quality and our staff is always ready to help you out in the case of a concern. We deliver all our furniture ourselves, so your new garden benches will be handled carefully and arrive at your doorstep in good shape. We’re always available to help you out. Visit our store or make use of our contact information.