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Pizza Ovens

Do you love to make your own pizza's and cook outdoors? In that case Creative Gardens’ got something for you! Portable pizza ovens have been increasingly popular over the past years, and for a good reason. They make for the perfect means to prepare the most delicious pizzas, quick and easy, right in your backyard, in the park or on the beach!

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The best pizza ovens for sale at Creative gardens

We are the premier Ooni stockists in Northern Ireland. At Creative Gardens we love the outdoors and we love food, no wonder we stock the Ooni and Casa Mia pizza ovens and all the accessories you need for a great pizza party!

Ooni pizza ovens 

Creative Gardens has a wide range of Ooni pizza ovens and accessories. Ooni pizza ovens are of exceptionally high quality, versatile, and made of durable materials. Ooni pizza ovens are perfect for a camping weekend or road trip, since their compact and light design make them easy to take with you. The Ooni range available at Creative Gardens is elaborate, ranging from various oven models to an array of helpful BBQ accessories. Some best-selling items of the moment are:

  • Ooni pizza ovens, like the Ooni Karu, the Ooni Fyra and the Ooni Koda
  • Ooni pellets
  • Ooni accessories
  • Ooni pizza peel
  • Ooni pizza oven covers

Everything you need to know about Ooni Pizza Ovens

Ooni pizza ovens

How to use an Ooni pizza oven

While you may think of a pizza oven as a one-trick pony at first, you’ll know soon enough that is not the case at all. Pizza ovens can be used for way more things than just making pizza. If you’re looking for fun and versatile ways to use your pizza oven, you came to the right place. Creative Gardens’s put together a list full of fun things you can do using your pizza oven.
  • Creative Gardens’ most crucial tip to increase the versatility of your pizza oven is to invest in some useful barbecuing accessories. These can help you get the most out of your pizza oven. For instance, a grizzler pan can help your pizza oven turn out the most delicious steaks or lamb chops!
  • A cast-iron skillet can be used to prepare various tasty fish fillets in your pizza oven!
  • If you’re in for a scrumptious dessert after your meal, let a pan of cinnamon rolls cook to perfection in your pizza oven, while the heat slowly decreases.

Buy your pizza oven at Creative Gardens

Creative Gardens’ friendly and helpful staff are fanatic barbecuers and always happy to help, should you need any advice. Visit the store or check out the wide range online. In the latter case, any questions or concerns can always be communicated through our contact information. See you soon at Creative Gardens!