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Cornus - November Plant of the Moment

Grown for their vivid Winter stems these plants are sure to brighten even the dullest corner.

They are unfussy about soil conditions and even thrive in damp areas where other shrubs may struggle.

Although tolerant of shade, their Winter stems are even more eye catching when grown in full sun.

We have 3 excellent varieties that we are highlighting this month, each with their own unique stem colour.

The first is ‘Cornus alba. Kesselringii’ with its stark dark purple/black stems. Stunning when used as a backdrop to show off other shrubs with contrasting colours. Lush green leaves in Spring are smothered in small white blooms in Summer.

Another is ‘Cornus stol.  Flaviramea’ with its lime green Winter stems, adding a vibrancy to the garden that’s hard to beat in dull Winter months. Spring brings clusters of white flowers and fresh dark green leaves.

Finally, we have the star of the show ‘Cornus alba Sibirica ‘also known as ‘Red Dogwood’

This fabulous variety is one of our favourites with its bright red stems essential for providing a vibrant burst of structural colour when little else is around. Perfect as a focal point at the bottom of a garden or as a backdrop for other plants. Then come Spring fresh green foliage emerges.

Each variety planted on their own is enough to provide a bold statement to any garden, but when planted together they provide a rich tapestry of colour that could compete with any summer planting scheme. Stems are also excellent for cutting and adding to flower arrangements.

So take your pick.