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Water Features

We stock a range of self contained water features making them easy to add to any spot in your garden. Water features add class to any garden or outside area and are easy to install. Simply find a location, fill them up with water and plug them in - that's it!

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A water feature is an eyecatcher in every garden

There are many different reasons why you would want a water feature in your garden, this may be for aesthetics or because you love the calming sound of water or because you are looking for a special finishing in touch for your garden! Water features are available in different shapes, sizes and designs and they can be made from different natural materials. At Creative Garden we have a wide range of water features to decorate your garden with.

A Water feature can be part of a sustainable garden

Water features, fountains and ponds can be part of a self-sustaining ecosystem for a variety of nature and wildlife, and can welcome more to your garden. One of the many visitors will be different kinds of birds using your garden feature as a water source for drinking and bathing, along with other animals like newts and hedgehogs if the features are situated at ground level.

A Water feature as a stylish rain barrel

A water feature or even a pond can offer storage for rainwater, which can be a great addition if your garden is prone to flooding. Ponds and large water features may have a plunge or pebble pool to keep water. The water you save can be used to water the plants in your garden.

Kaemingk water features and fountains

Kaemingk Garden water features and fountains add a unique twist to any garden or outdoor area. They are available in lots of styles and designs, bought direct from the Netherlands. Using modern and often sustainable materials with a natural stone look but a lot lighter, which makes them easier to transport, carry and place them in the garden.

All Kaemingk water features are easy to install. Most have led lights. No mains water is required as they have built in water storage. Pumps are all included and low voltage to ensure your safety.  

Buy a unique Kaemingk water feature for your garden at Creative Gardens

Have a look at our selection of water features online in our webshop or come to Creative Gardens, where our garden specialist are happy to help you with any questions about water features you might have.