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Charcoal, Logs & Pellets

Keep your fires burning with our range of fuels, perfect for your BBQ, Firepit or Home. As you would expect, we stock a full range of fuels from our Outdoor cooking brands like Weber, Kamado Joe and Ooni so if you are looking for Lumpwood Charcoal, Briquettes or Wood Pellets - we have what you are looking for.

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Different types of BBQ fuels

While it may not seem all that important to choose the right fuel type for your barbecue, Creative Gardens is here to tell you it actually makes a more significant difference than you think. Since different cooking fuels influence your barbecuing experience in different ways, knowing a thing or two about the different possibilities cooking fuels provides is essential to make the most out of your BBQ.

Creative Gardens highly recommends looking at the wide range of charcoal, logs and pellets we have for sale. Some of our best-selling products include:

  • Weber briquettes
  • Kamado Joe big block charcoal
  • Ooni premium Lumpwood charcoal
  • Scented Weber wood pellets
  • Ooni premium pellets

We also stock a range of Kiln Dried Logs, Kindling, Wood Wool lighters and Birch Briquettes that are perfect for use in your firepit or outdoor stove – Kiln-dried wood will burn with more heat and less smoke.

The benefits of high-quality BBQ fuel

As said before, the cooking fuel you use can significantly impact the dishes you’re preparing. The taste, time of preparation and even the texture of your food can depend on what type of BBQ fuel you pick. That’s why it’s essential to make the right decision when it comes to your cooking fuel. We’ve got a few tips and tricks to share with you, to help you get started:

First of all, flavour is an essential factor to consider upon picking a barbecuing fuel. This can be obtained by creating smoke. A fuel that produces precisely the right amount of smoke is charcoal, the most-used BBQ fuel worldwide. Opt for the Weber scented wood pellets for an extra tasty flavour, available in different scents.

Second, the amount of heat your barbecue produces also greatly depends on what kind of fuel you’re using. You want to grill your dishes in the most effective way possible, while using the least possible fuel. Lumpwood charcoal is perfect for this job, since it heats up quickly and contains this heat for a long time.

High-quality cooking fuels 

Are you looking for the right cooking fuel for your barbecue? Look no further! Creative Gardens has a wide range of many high-quality cooking fuels available. Do you have any questions? Ask our friendly staff in-store or make use of our contact information.