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Parasols and bases

The time that Parasols were just a protection for the bright sunshine are long gone. These days parasols can be a key accessory to your garden! Not only do the high quality parasols at Creative Gardens protect your terrace from the hot sun, they are the finishing touch your garden or patio needs on a hot summer day! 

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Parasols are much more than just a shelter from the sun!

Parasols are an essential part of every garden, patio or balcony these days. Not only to protect your terrace from the sun but also to create a sense of privacy, a cooler place and even as a shelter for the sometimes unexpected rain, in the middle of a barbecue! We'll sum up the 5 most important reasons why you need a garden parasol and base!

1. You can enjoy the use of a parasol all year long

A parasol is not only for blistering hot summer days. Even throughout Autumn and Winter, if it's a mild one, a parasol can be of good use! Many people really enjoy  being out and about in Autumn especially on  cold, crisp Autumn days as long as it isn't too wet. You may still use your outdoor bistro set after summer is over, if you have a parasol. When you have a nice heather or firepit burning, it's so nice to be able to sit cozy on dry Garden furniture or have a shelter for that autumn drizzle.

2. Parasols are an aesthetic eyecatcher in your outdoor area

It can be argued that investing in a high-quality outdoor umbrella is both practical and aesthetic. Parasols provide a beautiful finishing touch to seating areas. Depending on your taste, parasols can bring personality and color to your space. Through the Autumn and Winter seasons, a parasol may be used to create a warm, homey atmosphere. Hang some lanterns from the parasol's spokes or twist some fairy lights around them to create a romantic ambiance.

3. Parasols create a sense of privacy in every outdoor area

A garden parasol can help create a sense of privacy in your garden, especially if it is frequently overlooked. Even though the neighbors might be friendly, it's unpleasant to think that everybody who passes by can watch your every move. A large parasol erected over your seating area creates a more intimate setting for the quality time spent with friends and family. Alternatively, if you get a large cantilever parasol with an articulating arm, you can rotate it in any direction to create the privacy you need from a specific angle.

4. Parasols are important to create shade in your garden or on your balcony

It's a no-brainer that you may want to get a Parasol to make shade in the summer months and shield you from the sun's powerful radiation. If you have youngsters or pets who must be kept out of direct sunlight in the hottest part of the day, a Parasol's shade can protect you from UV rays and provide a UPF rating of 30-50 depending on what material you select. The parasol will make your garden furniture and fabrics cooler than if they were exposed to direct sunlight as a result of filtering out solar radiation.

5. A parasol can create a perfect outdoor working spot

Working outside in the garden is an excellent way to benefit from a garden parasol. With the right parasol on your terrace you can enjoy an office day in your own garden! With the shade it creates you will have no glare on your screen and your phone won't melt. Also it can help you create a perfect backdrop for online meetings. 

Alexander Rose parasols

Alexander Rose Garden high quality parasols are a perfect addition to your outdoor furniture. Alexander Rose parasols are available in different styles and colours. Whether you would like a square, round or rectangular shape, you are sure to find the perfect parasol for your outdoor furnishings at Creative Gardens.

A matching base is essential for every parasol

At Creative gardens we sell high quality parasols from brands like Nova, Alexander Rose, Bramblecrest and LeisureGrow, however nice the parasol it needs a decent base! Without a stable base you won't be able to keep your parasol up in a safe and steady way. Luckily all of our brands have matching bases by the parasols. Come to one of our garden centres for personal advice on our parasols and bases or contact us if you have any questions!