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Gardeners Blog - Jobs to do in your Garden this December

Although the garden is dormant this time of year it does not mean you have to be as well. Take this opportunity to get ahead and organised for a great Spring and Summer as it will come quicker than you think!


Tidy the Garden Shed

Why not take the time to go through your shed and replace or mend any old tools? Or even better put them on your Christmas list! Good time too, to mend any leaks or holes before the bad weather really sets in. Check the date on any chemicals that need disposed of and use up any old compost by planting up containers or top dressing your beds. Keep pathways clear and free from leaves as they can become slippery in the wet weather.

Our range of multi-change tools from Wolf Garten allow you to choose the handle length that suits you - no more 'one size fits all.' Once you have your perfect handle, simply attached the required tool with a click and you are ready to take on any task in the garden. 


There's still time to plant Spring flowering bulbs

If the weather is mild and no frost has appeared, then it’s still time to plant those last-minute spring bulbs but be quick before it gets too cold making sure the ground is not waterlogged or frozen.

We have a selection of daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, crocus and snowdrops, to name a few, still available in our stores.

It is also a great time to plant winter onions and garlic for an early crop next season. On the topic of vegetable, it's time to harvest winter crops that were planted in the summer like winter cabbage, sprouting broccoli and Brussel sprouts - all in time for your Christmas meal.


Festive Planted Containers

With Christmas approaching why not brighten your doorstep and make it welcoming for all your festive visitors. We have a range of bright colourful plants plus a stunning array of pots and baskets to put them in. Try mixing evergreen foliage plants with winter bedding plants to give a pop of colour. 

If you do not have the time to make your own containers, we have a beautiful collection of planted containers bursting with colour that are ready for you to take home today. This year we have chosen a range of beautiful colour combinations to suit every taste.

Visit us in store to see our full collection or you can choose from our online range and have them delivered right to your door.


Take care of your garden birds

This can be a difficult time for wildlife as the weather gets colder so it’s a nice idea to hang a bird feeder up and keep it well stocked with fresh seeds or fat balls, you will be rewarded by choirs of birdsong in the Spring! We have a lovely new range of Henry Bell Bird Care offering various blends to suit our native bird population.

Having some water for the birds to drink is also important so continue to check that this does not freeze over. Remember not to be too tidy, keep an area with a wood pile or leaf mould for all those other garden creatures to shelter.


Plant bare-root hedging

We will soon have our bareroot hedging in stock so if you are planning a boundary, planting bare root is a very cost-effective way of doing this, hedges are not only a good choice for wildlife and the environment but are also much cheaper to maintain in the long run compared to a garden fence so well worth consideration.

So whether you are have a large garden with lots of clearing, planting and mending to do or just a simple patio with a few pots to water and tidy always remember that getting outside even in the cold and breathing fresh air will always make you feel good, not to mention the hot drink you will reward yourself with when you get indoors again!