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Our Environmental Policy



Wood Pallets

All pallets used to transport new stock are returned to various companies who re-use them many times


Our skips on site are sieved through; anything salvageable is then re-used or recycled.


In all our centres, we harvest natural water from the ground and our roofs to water all the plants in our plant areas. We put every drop to good use to cut down on the amount of mains water we use.




All of our cardboard waste is separated on site and collected for recycling


We have large solar panel systems installed at all four of our centres to help reduce our impact on the main grid. Any extra electricity we use is 100% green energy produced in Northern Ireland


Our Donaghadee and Bushmills Centres no longer burn oil for heating. Instead we use Bio Mass Wood Pellet Systems which are much kinder to the environment.



New Gift Cards

We now exclusively use cardboard gift cards instead of plastic card to reduce plastic waste. We have also introduced eGift cards which can be ordered online and delivered via email to reduce environmental effects cause my production and delivery


Our waste plastic is collected along with our other waste and processed through a recycling plant here in Northern Ireland. We no longer use plastic bags in any of our centres. Our brown paper bags can go straight into the recycling.