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Bramblecrest is known for its high quality Garden furniture and has all kinds of amazing items available for every style of outdoor area. Looking for a new dining set or rather a square fire pit? Bramlecrest’s got it!

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Where is Bramblecrest furniture made?

Bramblecrest products are manufactured to the highest specification using innovative designs and responsibly sourced materials. This brand, based in the UK, is driven by the same high standards and values today from factory to customer. Environmental concerns and an awareness of social standards are fundamental to Bramblecrests beliefs. All of their manufacturing activities are carried out with consideration to the environment and to the welfare of the local communities, which means the wide range available at Creative Garden is for you to be enjoyed without guilt.

Bramblecrest is proud to be a ‘zero-to-landfill’ company; all of its waste is disposed of in the most responsible and sustainable manner possible, whether it’d be confidential destruction or recycling. Nothing is sent to the landfill.

From Bramblecrests benches to parasols Bramblecrest hanging garden chairs

Bramblecrest is known as a very versatile brand, which can be seen in the wide range of products it offers. For instance, parasols, sofa sets and even garden furniture covers are only a few examples of what can be found in their array. If you’re looking to add one of the following types of garden furniture to your collection, Bramblecrest’s the way to go:

  • Bramblecrest benches
  • Hanging garden chair
  • Double cocoon swing chair
  • Bramblecrests Monterey collection
  • Bramblecrest parasol
  • Bramblecrest covers
  • Bramblecrest double hanging cocoon

Bramblecrest garden Bench

The classic garden benches from Bramblecrest are not only timeless, they are all made of high quality teak wood. What makes them unique is that even though they are made of teak, they are very low in maintenance. Subtle design details like curved back, deep seating and wide arms for great comfort makes these garden benches unique and great to have in any garden. Bramblecrest benches come fully constructed and include season proof seat pads.

Caring for your Bramblecrest garden furniture

Creative Gardens always makes sure to have their range consist of the best quality products only. That’s why Bramblecrest is one of Creative Gardens’ favourite brands. Bramblecrest is well-known for using durable and high-quality materials to manufacture its products. However, taking good care of your garden furniture is essential to get the most fun out of them. Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you maintain your garden furniture.

Always make sure to read up on the materials your garden furniture was made of. This will help you figure out how to take proper care of your garden furniture, since different materials need to be cared for in different ways. Creative Gardens always recommends customers invest in a few well-fitting covers for their garden furniture. These protect your garden furniture from outside influences, like wind, sunlight and water. Bramblecrest sells many different furniture covers that will perfectly fit your Bramblecrest furniture.

Don’t forget to store outdoor garden accessories inside when you aren’t using them. This includes pillows, rugs, plaids, mats and other items, since these tend to not do so well in harsh weather conditions.