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Grillstream is a renowned barbecue brand specializing in highly innovative gas barbecues. Their signature “Grillstream System” adds to the whole experience.

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About Grillstream

Grillstream is a BBQ brand that believes barbecuing should be accessible to everyone. Anyone can cook on a Grillstream. This is because of Grillstream's easily understandable and usable products. A Grillstream BBQ comes with all the new gadgets, but can still be figured out in no time.

Besides the Grillstream system, all of their barbecues now come with a revolutionary hybrid system, allowing the user to use both gas and charcoal in one BBQ. Grillstream offers its customers the best of both worlds. Grillstream is part of the LeisureGrow family, a home and garden industry supplier, which also owns the brands LG Outdoor, NOMA Christmas, NOMA Garden & Lighting, and Petface.

The Grillstream system

While most barbecues nowadays are extremely safe to use, a common issue arising when grilling your favourite meals is the so-called “flare-up”. A flare-up occurs when meat, fowl or other fatty foods leak grease onto the fire, causing a sudden flame to rise up and- more often than not- burn your food. This isn’t just dangerous but also negatively affects your dish's flavour, hence the creation of the Grillstream system. This system catches any dripping greases and fats and safely stores them out of the fire’s reach. This not only prevents flare-ups from happening but also keeps your BBQ a lot cleaner.

Grillstream at Creative Gardens

Creative Gardens highly recommends you visit our store in Bushmills to enjoy our assortment of Grillstream barbecues we have available. If unable to visit our garden centre, ordering all of your favourite Grillstream goods from our online shop is also possible. Whether you’re looking for a Grillstream hybrid BBQ or something else, our staff knows their stuff when it comes to Grillstream products. Any questions can be directed to them or be sent to us via our contact information.

We can deliver our Weber range across Northern Ireland in our own vans or Ship to UK & Ireland by courier.