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Garden Furniture

Our outdoor spaces are essential to us. It's where we relax, enjoy the weather and entertain friends and family. At Creative gardens, we have brought together an outdoor furniture collection with something to suit everyone.

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The perfect garden furniture for your backyard

Whether you want a garden bench or bistro set for a quiet spot in the garden or a sofa dining set with an integrated fire pit allowing you to enjoy the company of friends and family long into the night - we have handpicked our range from suppliers such as:

  • Nova
  • Bramblecrest
  • Leisugrow
  • Alexander Rose

Thanks to the wide range of fantastic garden furniture available, the possibilities are endless here at Creative Gardens. Creative Gardens has got you covered whether you’re looking for a bistro set, a dining set, or maybe a pretty garden bench.

Where to buy garden furniture?

Garden furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, which means the perfect lounge set, recliner, or hanging chair for your garden is available! Shop Creative Gardens’ wide range of high-quality products today. Do you want more information on what kind of garden furniture to buy and where to get it? Here are Creative Gardens’ best-sold products:

  • Garden furniture sets
  • Garden benches
  • Dining sets
  • Sofa sets, Loungers
  • Recliners & swings
  • Bistro sets
Garden furniture at Creative Gardens

Caring for your garden furniture

If you want to make sure your garden furniture keeps looking clean, fresh and beautiful, taking good care of it is of utmost importance. But how do you take care of your garden furniture exactly? Creative Gardens has some valuable tips and tricks up its sleeve.

  1. First of all, read up on different materials your garden furniture is made of, since different materials require different care. For instance, aluminium lounge sets only need to be lightly cleaned with a moist towel, whereas wooden recliners need to be cleaned thoroughly and oiled now and then.
  2. Second, Creative Gardens highly recommends investing in well-fitting garden furniture covers. These keep soil, water and other things far away from your garden furniture and keep them in good shape all year round.
  3. Third of all, make sure to put away pillows, rugs, plaids and even smaller pieces of furniture on rainy or stormy days. These products tend to do even less well in harsh weather conditions, so take them inside when you don’t use them.

Garden Furniture at Creative Gardens

We care about providing the service our customers deserve here at Creative Gardens. This means our products are of high quality and our staff is always happy to answer any questions or concerns.

We deliver all our furniture in our vans from your local centre so whether you are shopping with us online or in-store, our trained staff will be able to help you pick out the furniture that suits your needs and with our Creative Gardens promise, you will always have someone to call if anything should go wrong in the future.