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Jobs to do in your Garden this February

As we inch our way further into Spring our gardening to do list gets longer, thankfully, so do the days as the brighter evenings emerge.


Move hardy established plants

Now is a good time to take a good look at your garden and decide if you want to move any plants, either to allow them more space to grow or maybe you just want to give a favourite shrub pride of place. Make the job easier by using appropriate tools. A good sharp spade will help, see our full range in store.

Remember to water well before moving!


Divide Snowdrops

When your Snowdrops have finished flowering, dig up, divide the clumps into smaller ones and then re plant giving them more space to thrive, or make someone’s day by giving them some to plant in their own garden. 


Plant Bare Root Hedging

Now is the perfect time to plant bare root hedging. These come in pots containing 10 plants and is a vastly more economical way of planting a hedge compared to single, pot grown plants, Hawthorn (£6.99 per 10) and Beech (£19.99 per 10) available, check our stores for details and advice on planting and spacing.


Feed your Roses

Now is the perfect time of year to give your roses their first feed.  A top dressing of Vitax Rose Food will give them a great start to the growing season ahead.


Continue to Feed the Birds

February is a hungry month for wildlife so continue to feed the birds with our range of Henry Bell products, full range still available in our stores.


Plant Spring Bedding

We now have a great range of Spring bedding plants to brighten your beds, window boxes and containers.

We have loads to choose from in a wide range of colours but nothing says spring like a yellow primrose or a dwarf daffodil (Tete a Tete).So lets get out into the garden  and get planting!