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Jobs to do in your garden this March

You can feel it in the air! Spring is here and what a lovely time of year it is, giving us hope of what delights lie ahead in the gardening calendar.




Sow Winter veg

If you haven’t already decided, choose which vegetable plants you want to grow this year and sow the seeds indoors. We have a wide range to choose from including Pepper, Aubergine, Brussel Sprouts and cabbage, perennial herbs can also be planted as well as Tomatoes. We have everything you need including seed compost, trays, and pots.




Protect Young Plants from Slugs

As our gardens heat up, young soft growth emerges trying to tempt hungry slugs and snails to take a bite! It is so frustrating to get excited about the first signs of new growth only to be disappointed the next day when you realise it has been ravaged by these little pests. There are various products on the market from Copper Slug Tape for your pots to slug killer pellets. Remember natural solutions are best and we have various chemical free environmentally friendly products some are even certified organic so pop in and have a browse.




Dead Head

You will find that some of your Spring flowering bulbs are starting to fade so continue to remove the dead flowers leaving the green leaves to die back naturally




Top Dress Beds

Top dress your beds especially those with emerging perennials or over wintered veg with compost or well -rotted manure (we have both in stock) This will give them a well needed boost as they waken from Winter dormancy. Your hedges and established shrubs and trees will also benefit from this treatment helping them enter a new growing season.




Look out for Aphids

All sorts of insects are on the move now, so keep an eye out before they become a problem, at this stage they can be hand picked or squashed without using harmful sprays. If they do get out of control and you need some help, we have a new range of chemical free sprays ‘Growing Success Naturally’ which treats not only aphids but also mildew.


Hopefully the bright ,crisp, sunny days will tempt you outside to give your garden a helping hand and remember our staff at Creative Gardens will always be here to advise.