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Jobs to do in your garden this April

This month will bring sunshine, showers and maybe even snow! But how exciting is it to see the new growth and in the garden as the tiny fresh green leaves emerge from the previously dormant branches.

Protect Tender Plants

Although there is definite heat in the sun that is wonderful to feel, be mindful that the temperature can still drop at night so you may still need to protect some of your tender plants ,either by bringing to a more sheltered spot in the garden or if they are planted in the ground, purchase some frost protection fabric that you can lay over your plants and remove easily the next day.


Plant Vegetables

Its still not too late to sow your Winter veg in seed form, but if you want to take a short cut, we now have packs of young seedlings including carrot, broccoli, peas, beetroot and much more in little 6 packs ready to put into the ground. There is nothing more satisfying than eating produce you have taken the time to grow yourself. You don’t need a lot of space, as some things even can be grown in a pot. Ask one of our members of staff for advice if you are unsure where to start. If you plan to grow a lot, remember to plant in batches so everything does not become ready to harvest all at the same time.


Plant Sweet Pea

If you can’t get enough of their glorious, sweet Summer scent, you have just enough time to sow your sweet pea seed, or why not make things easier and buy a little pot of seedlings, which we have, ready to pop into the ground or pot were you wish them to grow, then come Summer you will have an endless supply of blooms. Sweet Pea are so easy to grow and also make an excellent cut flower so you can enjoy them indoors as well! Other hardy annual seeds can go in now too including our native wildflower seeds, Cosmos and Love In  a Mist


Our Bedding Plants Have Arrived!

We have such a beautiful range of bedding plants in all our centres coming in every colour of the rainbow. It’s always an exciting time when you get to choose which combination of flowers and foliage to go for. We have bright pinks and purples, soft lemons and yellows and even peachy pinks not to mention our old favourite the vibrant red geranium.

When planting into your basket or container it’s a good idea to add some slow-release fertiliser as it keeps the flowers and foliage so vigorous and healthy without having to remember when you have last fed them. Also swell gel is particularly useful to aid with watering, these tiny gel balls hang onto the water and release it as the compost dries out.

 It really is worth putting a little work in now as you be will delighted with the results in just a short time.