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Why every garden needs a hanging egg chair

Why every garden needs a hanging egg chair

Hanging Egg chairs are increasingly popular and that is not without reason! At Creative gardens we stock high quality egg chairs from Kaemingk and we like to share why we think these chairs are a true gem in any garden!

What is a Hanging egg chair?

Hanging egg chairs are the latest trend in timeless garden furniture. You can hang the egg chair from the ceiling or hang it from the special standard which is included. This makes for a very comfortable swinging chair. Not only is this hanging chair the perfect way to relax but it's design makes it a stylish eye catcher in any type of garden. When the weather gets colder, you can either store it away under the special cover or in the garage but it can also easily become part of your interior in the winter months! 

Are hanging egg chairs safe?

When hung properly according to the easy instructions: Yes! Are you not sure if your porch ceiling can hold the weight of a hanging chair? Please ask our professionals for advice. Don't have a ceiling in the area you want to put your chair? No problem, with the special standard, you can safely hang and use the chair anywhere in your garden or on your balcony! Be aware that these chairs are not toys and small children should not be left unattended around it. The Hanging egg chairs from Kaemingk have a 2 year warranty.

Are Hanging egg chairs comfortable?

The hanging egg chairs have an ergonomic shape which makes them extremely comfortable. With the plum pillows that are included and waterproof, you can relax for hours on end. If you use the standard you can move your chair to a remote spot in the garden, or into or out of the sun. The light swinging rocks you to sleep for a nice nap. The chairs are made of UV proof cushions and Weave, anti-rust frame work.

Hanging egg chairs at Creative Gardens in Donaghadee

At Creative gardens we know how to take relaxation to the next level, drop by in our garden center in Donaghadee and have a look in our showroom. Here you can have a seat in our selection loungers, recliners & swings and pick your favorite new seat of this season!