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Fuchsia - Plant of the Moment

Fuchsia - Plant of the Moment

Plant of the moment

This month we would like to share the delights of ‘Fuchsia’ a much loved and familiar garden plant with colourful bell -shaped hanging flowers. Usually in shades of pinks, pale blues and whites but also come in purple and red. The flowers of these wonderful plants will last from Spring until Autumn and are an excellent source of nectar for our hungry bees.

There are two types of Fuchsia, hardy, and half hardy. The hardy ones can survive Winter temperatures and so are best planted out in a permanent position preferring semi shade but will grow in full sun. Half hardy on the other hand, are ideal for growing in containers and hanging baskets. There are bush ones that have an upright habit but there are also trailing ones which look perfect hanging over the edge of pots. There are even standard ones that look perfect either side of a doorway or entrance porch.

Fuchsias are not fussy plants are very easy to grow, remove the dead flowers regularly to encourage new ones to come, although they don’t need much encouragement! You will not be disappointed with the quantity of blooms all you need to do is pick the colour combination that suits you best.