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Heathers - Plant of the Moment

Heathers - Plant of the Moment

Plant of the Moment

Coming into the Autumn as our Summer flowers begin to fade it is lovely to have a fresh plant emerging with a splash of colour. Our heathers are fully hardy with beautiful feathery green foliage. Tiny bells of colour cling to its branches. Once the flowers fade this plant will remain as a mound of green perfect for filling your beds throughout Winter.

Often used as a ground cover in rockeries as it smothers out the weeds, but just as good planted in a container to brighten up your patio or front door in the dullest months of the year.

When planted in multiples it can create drifts of colour in an otherwise bland garden and when in flower the bees adore it.

Heathers do like an acidic soil but don’t worry if yours is not as when planting all you need to do is use some Ericaceous compost which comes in an easy to carry bag.