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Barbecuing all year long!

Barbecuing all year long!

It’s a misconception to think that you can only use the barbecue in summer. Grilling in the autumn and during wintertime becomes more and more popular and rightly so! But where do you start and what do you need? With these 5 tips, you’ll be a true Cold weather Grill master in no-time!

1. Use a barbecue with a lit during colder temperatures

For a good start, you need a barbecue with a lid. When you barbecue in colder temperatures, you do it with the lid closed. This way, you keep the heat in the barbecue. In addition, the barbecue must be made of thick and robust material. Most Weber barbecues are made with only the best metal and will pass the winter test. Please note that grilling takes longer in winter than in summer for obvious reasons.

2. Are you grilling on Gas or Charcoal in colder temperatures ?

If you want to start as quickly as possible, choose a gas barbecue. That reaches temperature quickly. When igniting the BBQ, make sure that the barbecue is out of the wind and your scarf is out of the way. When you like that unique atmosphere and smell of real fire, you opt for a charcoal grill. Barbecuing on charcoal does take longer in wintertime. And when temperatures drop below zero, it may be good to know  that igniting the BBQ will take longer.

3. Put your barbecue out of the wind on colder nights

Make sure you place the barbecue out of the wind, one of the basics of grilling. Cold wind is not only unpleasant for yourself when you're grilling, but it also affects the Barbecue. The heat from the BBQ itself normally insulates the temperature within. Cold wind blowing around and on the barbecue influences that temperature which causes the meat to cook slower.

4.Make sure you have enough light during your autumn or winter barbecue

Enough light is very important during barbecuing. You have to be able to see whether the meat is well cooked. Turn on the garden solar lighting, so you know and see exactly what you're doing on the grill. Make it cozy for those who also want to stand outside. For example, set up a patio heater or light a chimney for extra heat.

5.Let’s get the autumn and winter barbecue going!

Naturally, you serve other dishes in winter then during a summer grill session. Because of the cold temperatures, you need more solid food, such as pea soup or game. Soups, sauces, and vegetables are also easy to prepare on the barbecue. Start with a good piece of meat with the right rub or sauce, that's cooked quickly so that your guests don't have to wait too long. Even a delicious dessert is prepared on the barbecue in no-time. What do you think, for example, of delicious apple crisps with homemade whipped cream and some marshmallow bananas for the kids? Let’s go with the winter barbecue! 

Come to one of our four garden centers in Northern Ireland to get advice on barbecuing all year long. Not only do we stock barbecues from renowned brands like Weber and Kamado Joe, we also proud dealer of the Ooni pizza ovens! Of course we also have all the accessories you need to get your garden ready for a nice winter get together. Come have a look at our solar garden lights, chimneys and pizza ovens. Or have a look in our webshop! Any questions? Feel free to contact us!