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Looking for the perfect addition to any garden furniture collection? Visit Creative Gardens in-store or online and enjoy the wide range of Nova. Nova is a renowned garden furniture brand that sells everything you need to elevate your garden to the next level. From dining sets to parasols and even garden furniture covers; Nova has it all.

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The wide range Nova’s got to offer

All throughout Northern Ireland, Nova is a well-known garden furniture brand. They’re renowned for their varied selection of high-quality pieces that will surely fit your garden perfectly. If you’re looking to add one of the following types of garden furniture to your collection, Nova’s the way to go:

  • Nova garden furniture covers
  • Nova Ciara garden furniture
  • Nova garden furniture with fire pit
  • Gazebos

Besides that, lounge sets, dining sets, fire bowls and other amazing accessories are also right up Nova’s alley. Check out the wide range available at Creative Gardens today.

Taking care of your Nova garden furniture

Creative Gardens prides itself on only selling products of the highest quality out there, and Nova’s collection is no exception. This means Nova garden furniture is made of durable materials that will last you a long time and keep looking pretty as time passes. Do you want to enjoy your new Nova garden furniture even longer? Then read up on some of our best tips and tricks that will help you take proper care of your garden furniture.

  • First of all, make sure you know what materials your garden furniture is made of. This is of great importance since different materials need to be cared for differently. For instance, while aluminium only needs to be wiped down every now and then, wood may need a thorough cleaning and even an occasional oil treatment.

  • Second of all, Creative Gardens suggests you invest in a few well-fitting covers for your garden furniture. These protect your garden furniture from outside influences, like wind, sunlight and water. Your Nova garden furniture will last you a long time!

  • Third of all, pillows, rugs, plaids and other accessories should definitely be stored inside when not in use. Since these kinds of items are extra vulnerable to moisture, wind and soil, they can always do with a little extra protection.

Nova for sale at Creative Gardens

Looking for the perfect garden furniture out there? Then visit Creative Gardens and enjoy the array of amazing products we have available. Creative Gardens also puts great emphasis on providing the best customer service for anyone visiting our store or online shop. This means our products are of high quality and our staff is always happy to answer any questions or concerns. Do you have any? Ask our staff directly by visiting our store or using our contact information.


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