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YETI Tundra 45 - Navy

Price £ 300.00
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YETI Tundra 45 - Navy

Price £ 300.00
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YETI Tundra 45 - Navy - image 13
YETI Tundra 45 - Navy
Price £ 300.00

The YETI Tundra® 45 combines versatility with durability. This premium cooler is infused with that legendary YETI toughness - a durable rotomolded construction and up to two inches of PermaFrost™ Insulation. Which is to say it's built to last and will keep your contents ice-cold even in sweltering conditions, like a triple-digit summer day in central Texas. No bowing, cracking, or melting here.

Key Features

  • FATWALL™ DESIGN - Extra-thick walls hold up to two inches of insulation for unmatched ice retention.

  • PERMAFROST™ INSULATION - Pressure-injected commercial-grade polyurethane foam in the walls and lid makes sure your ice stays ice.

  • ROTOMOLDED CONSTRUCTION - Makes it armoured to the core and virtually indestructible.

  • ANCHORPOINT™ TIE-DOWN SLOTS - Heavy-duty rubber latches are made with patented technology so you'll never see another busted latch.

  • T-REX™ LID LATCHES - Moulded tie-down slots for easy mounting to your boat, trailer, or truck bed.

  • NEVERFAIL™ HINGE SYSTEM - Two hinge pins and interlocking design prevent the hinge from ever breaking

  • INTERLOCK™ LID SYSTEM - Creates a form-fitting barrier against the heat.

  • COLDLOCK™ GASKET - A freezer-quality gasket circles the length of the lid to block out the heat and lock in the cold.

  • BEARFOOT™ NON-SLIP FEET - Prevent sliding to keep your YETI in place.

  • DOUBLEHAUL™ HANDLES - Military-grade polyester rope for extra durability.

  • LIPGRIP™ HANDLES - Stay out of the way and make carrying your catch seem less of a chore.

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From its foundation in 2006 to now, YETI has become the leading brand in Outdoor gear that is built for the wild and tested to withstand the toughest conditions. Their range of Hard & Soft Coolers make the perfect travel companion for your adventures whilst their revolutionary drinkware is second to none when it comes to keeping cold things cold and hot things hot.

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