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From its foundation in 2006 to now, YETI has become the leading brand in Outdoor gear that is built for the wild and tested to withstand the toughest conditions. Their range of Hard & Soft Coolers make the perfect travel companion for your adventures whilst their revolutionary drinkware is second to none when it comes to keeping cold things cold and hot things hot.

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About YETI

YETI Coolers was created when two brothers grew tired of always having to replace their coolers after each season of outdoor adventures - be it due to lids caving in, handles breaking or latches snapping off - so they decided to design and build the cooler that they wanted to buy.

The YETI outdoor gear we know and love nowadays was made to withstand the toughest conditions. This means that it doesn’t matter whether you’re hiking through hills, relaxing on a beach or simply enjoying a hot coffee on your way to work, YETI drinkware and coolers will never fail to perform.

A wide range of YETI products

If you go on hikes, camping trips or organize barbecues, Creative Gardens highly recommends picking up a few YETI supplies. YETI offers the highest quality, versatility and durability, all for an amazing price. Would you like to know more about YETI’s best-selling products? Here’s what you really need to add to your next trip’s packing list:

  • The perfect travel companion can be found in our wide range of YETI hard and soft coolers. Pick the Hopper Flip 12. This cooler is perfectly sized for a beach day, to keep lunch and some beers cold. The Tundra 45 is also a great pick since it can cater to the whole family on one of your camping trips.
  • Whenever your tasty snacks need to stay either piping hot or freshly cooled, YETI ramblers are the way to go. Creative Gardens’ range includes the classic Rambler Tumbler, available in different sizes. All of them include the revolutionary MagSlider Lid, which is easy to use and prevents accidental spills.
  • Besides these, YETI sells an array of top-quality drinking bottles as well. These bottles are equipped with all of the latest isolation technologies, making them perfect for storing both hot and cold drinks. Your beverages will last a long time, making the YETI drinking bottles perfect for any occasion.

What is a YETI cooler?

A YETI cooler is a box, specially made to keep its contents cold for long periods of time. This can come in handy on hot summer days or long trips. The YETI cooler comes in different sizes and colours and will last you a long time.

What is a YETI cooler made of?

YETI coolers combine versatility with durability. They’re infused with that legendary YETI toughness – made of durably and high-quality materials and isolated with up to two inches of PermaFrost™ Insulation. This is how you know it’s built to last and will keep your contents ice-cold even in sweltering conditions, like a hot summer day on the beach. No bowing, cracking, or melting will occur under any circumstance. Some of the many high-tech gadgets your YETI cooler comes with are:

  • FATWALL™ DESIGN - Extra-thick walls hold up to two inches of insulation for unmatched ice retention.
  • PERMAFROST™ INSULATION - Pressure-injected commercial-grade polyurethane foam in the walls and lid makes sure your ice stays ice.
  • ROTOMOLDED CONSTRUCTION - Makes it armoured to the core and virtually indestructible.

How to use a YETI cooler?

Whether you’re going on a hike, a road trip, having a beach day or organizing a fun barbecue for your friends, a YETI cooler will prove itself very useful in all kinds of different situations. Fill your YETI cooler with cold drinks, ice cream, frozen meat or any other cold products and take it anywhere you go. For some extra cold, make

Yeti Rambler & Tumbler bottles

The range of stainless steel tumbler bottles from Yeti are perfect on the go. Whether it is to keep your coffee warm on your way to work, keep you hydrated on a hiking trip, to the gym or right at home, to quench your children’s thirst quick and easy. The double-wall vacuum insulation means your drink stays cold (or hot) no matter where the journey takes you.

When it’s time for a wash or refill, remove the entire cap to expose the bottle’s wide mouth. Available in durable stainless, DuraCoat™ colour, and Seasonal finishes,, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

YETI at Creative Gardens

Are you on the lookout for the perfect coolers and drinkware available near you? Visit Creative Gardens and check out the elaborate assortment of YETI products we have for sale. Creative Gardens cares about its customers and never fails to provide them with the best possible service. This means our products are of high quality and our staff is always happy to answer any questions or concerns. Do you have any? Ask our staff directly by visiting our store or using our contact information.

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