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The Weber story started in the early 50's when one man decided it was time to revolutionise the world of BBQ's and the world famous Weber Kettle was born. All these years later and Weber have grown their range to include gas, electric and pellet grills and have gained a reputation for their quality.

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Best-selling Weber products at Creative Gardens

Since Weber is a very renowned brand that has spent years and years perfecting its craft, a wide range of high-quality Weber products can now be found at Creative Gardens. Weber has never failed to exceed its customers’ expectations and create amazing new barbecuing tools. Some of Weber’s best-selling products include:

  • Weber Barbecues
  • Weber gas barbecues
  • Weber charcoal BBQ’s
  • Weber Pellet grills
  • Weber master touch
  • Weber accessories

How to use a Weber BBQ?

The way you want to use your Weber BBQ greatly depends on whether your barbecue runs on charcoal or gas. These two kinds of cooking fuels are very different, which means both cooking processes and the outcomes differ as well. The biggest difference between a Weber gas barbecue and a Weber charcoal BBQ is the heat regulation. A gas barbecue can be adjusted to an exact temperature, while a charcoal BBQ is less easy to regulate. This means the lid and the vent on your Weber charcoal barbecue will surely come in handy when getting your BBQ to the right temperature.

How to clean a Weber BBQ?

Every once in a while, your Weber barbecue will be due a little cleaning. Making sure your Weber BBQ receives the right maintenance will extend the lifespan of your barbecue greatly. Here’s some good news: most of the cleaning work will be done by your barbecue itself! After every use, reheat your BBQ for a short period of time, until the leftover food scraps on the grill burn right off. Excess particles can then be brushed off with a Weber metal brush. Let your BBQ cool off before storing it again.

Weber Pellet grill

 A pellet grill is a type of BBQ that works with small wood 'pellets'. These are pressed pellets of wood that are often bound with a natural binder. This fuel is not new. There have long been stoves on sale that use these pellets. However grilling on pellets is up and coming!

So a pellet grill is a grill where you set fire to wood pellets by means of an electric ignition and use the heat to cook your dishes. Simple right? Well, there is still more technology behind it than you might think. For example, there is an ingenious supply system for the pellets. The temperature is controlled digitally (sometimes even with Wifi or Bluetooth) so you don't have to be there all the time. In addition, the insulation is often so good that it remains very stable at temperature. Pretty handy!

The advantages of a pellet grill:

  • More stable temperatures

  • A pellet grill stays hot longer than a BBQ on charcoal

  • You can control the heat and cooking from your phone

  • Better for the environment, less smoke, less waste and pellets are recycled material

Weber at Creative Gardens

We highly recommend you visit our Weber World Store in Bushmills to get the full experience and to view the full range but you can still shop a wide variety of grills and accessories in our other stores. Our staff know their stuff when it comes to BBQ so they can talk you through the differences between the grills and help you decide which one might be best for you... they may even be able to share one or two of their favourite recipes with you. We can deliver our Weber range across Northern Ireland in our own vans or Ship to UK & Ireland by courier.